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Monday, 21 April 2014
Ning Custom Design - Professional Web Designs by Creative Ning Designers PDF Print E-mail

Ning Custom Web Design - Professional Designs by Creative Ning Designers - Ning and WordPress, Approved "Ning Solution Provider"

Custom Design for Ning Social Networks - Tired of that Cookie-Cutter look? We can help brand your Social Network, making it stand out on it's own, and not just another Ning Network!

NingCustomDesign Firm is managed and owned by Jen specializes in assisting Ning Network Creators in design, support, and special Ning Tips - - testimonials here.

Who Are We? We are a Professional Team of experienced and creative Website Designers and Application Developers, with a passion for customizing and branding Ning Social Communities. We also offer Ning Network Maintenance agreements, and customize applications for Ning Networks. We can even make your Ning look like your WordPress site, with transparency to your site visitors.

We have designed a multitude of Ning Communities from Sports to Marketing, that are not part of our Portfolio. Part of what makes our service top of its Class - - we do not disclose site designs unless approved by Client. We encourage non-disclosures to help maintain white label sites for our Design Clients.

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